Soledad, Inc’s mission is to create opportunity. We develop our own paths, to control our own narratives and create the futures that we want. We aim to leave all of our environments in better shape than what we found them.

We believe that anyone with a strong work ethic, sponge-like student mentality, and persistently positive attitude can conquer all obstacles. We know that skills can be taught and that above all, character is most important. We also believe in teamwork and in the power of all of our strengths combined.

We are bold, we are courageous and we will do everything in our power to achieve our collective visions of an environmentally just and vibrant future through equitable and sustainable economic development today.

Through our leadership training, we develop mindsets of accountability, confidence, self-motivation, and collaboration. Through our sales training, we develop the tangible skills needed to be influential in global markets.

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