Sustainable Leadership Development At Soledad, Inc. 💡

At Soledad, Inc, we’ve built an entire organization on two beliefs: that access to energy efficient living situations should be widespread and the growth of our people should be organic and ongoing.

As an environmental sales start-up with a focus on community solar farm projects, the development of our team has never been of higher importance. In order for us to help our client grow at an exponential rate and continue to aid in the expansion of the solar movement, we must invest in the people who will make it happen.

Why sustainable leadership development?

Easy. The ongoing growth of an individual’s professional expertise and leadership ability has a direct correlation to their performance at work and overall job satisfaction. It goes without saying that psychologically, knowing your company looks to contribute to the betterment of your career encourages increased results, loyalty, and longevity.

How do we do it?


We hire the right talent.


In order to operate with a culture of continuous learning, we must first make sure to hire the right people to join our team here at Soledad, Inc. We meet people daily who are content with where they are in their career and people who are starving for more professionally. The hungry, the ambitious, the go-getters – those who are who excel in our growing start-up!


We set high expectations.


Beyond hiring the right talent, we make sure to set the proper expectations for people starting in our company! We let everyone know that starts at Soledad, Inc that they’re not being hired for a sales role, but instead a management training opportunity! With that expectation – knowing that they’re not confined to their starting position – we see people putting forth higher effort for our client and for their own career growth.


We genuinely care.


Having sustainable leadership development is all about showing people that you care. Sustainable leadership is a shared responsibility of management within an organization to have a genuine interest in the long-term development of their team. Be this through building relationships, promoting newly learned content, recommending new reads or podcasts, or attending networking conferences, pushing others to be the best versions of themselves is how a company sustains ongoing growth.


We utilize our resources.


As mentioned, whether we’re finding new books or mentors to share with our team, sending them to our client’s other offices to network or taking them to leadership seminars, we make sure to take advantage of resources near and far. So much of development is the use of tools and application of other people’s knowledge, and there’s nothing we do better at Soledad, Inc. than exhaust every outlet we’ve been given.

We believe it secures success over time.

In order to promote sustainable leadership development, we truly, from the top down, have to believe in its ability to generate more success for the company over time. As a whole, we have to know that though the impact may not be immediately felt, the long-term ramifications regarding people, satisfaction, and resources far outweigh any cons of establishing a culture of sustainability.

Whether you’re just learning about the term or are an entrepreneur wanting to establish this example in your company, we hope this blog was both insightful and helpful. As the CEO of Soledad, Inc., I can personally attest that this belief system has catapulted the growth of our company and the happiness of my team. Sustainable leadership matters, and when something matters, it spreads. Learn more about our leadership practices by connecting with us on LinkedIn.

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